Art Director


A short bio of Jereek Espiritu.



That's me in the middle, dancing along with two lovely tourists I came across in my hometown Manila, Philippines. I consider myself very shy, but whenever I make others smile, laugh, or dance for this matter, I become animated and inspired. This kind of small but meaningful emotional connection inspires me whenever I craft ideas and create concepts.

Hi, my name's Jereek Espiritu.

I'm a 21-year-old creative, advertising student and a freelance designer all at the same time. I like thinking quietly, not in an Ed Sheeran way. But sometimes I do listen to his music while brainstorming. This habit helps me come up with ideas both in academic and work.  I wear several hats, depending on the project I'm working on. This ranges from doing graphic design to shooting films. But most of the time, I engage myself in various activities that challenge my creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

I have been blessed with the chance to work alongside some of the industry's brightest creative teams and individuals, for local small businesses and renowned global brands. I'm thrilled to continue working with inspiring geniuses and together create work with value and purpose.

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