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Hallmark Good Remarks

A special collection of cards by Hallmark designed to show your solidarity to people who stand up for something.


Good Remarks

There are men and women who have experienced injustices. Those people whose rights have been violated and neglected. Those who have felt low like no one's supporting them. How do we show that there are still people who care and are one with them?

Hallmark presents Good Remarks, a special collection of cards to show your empathy and support to people who matter to you.



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The Opportunity

In the past year, over 3 billion cards have been sent in the U.S alone. Spanning from Christmas Eve to Valentine's Day to Easter Sunday, personal cards show a person's genuine empathy to friends, family, and loved ones.


The Idea

Good Remarks is a specially designed collection of cards that expresses bold statements to show solidarity and support to those people you care and love.


Cards Tackle Different Movements

Thought Process


E-cards are also available that you can send and share on your different social media accounts.