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Estée Lauder LifeBra

LifeBra is a breast cancer detecting tool that monitors the condition of a woman's breast whenever she wears it.



Breast cancer represents 25% of all cancers in women.  Its early warning signs aren't immediately noticed because the lumps are painless and harmless. How can we help women discover it at an early stage, where the chances of survival is highest?

LifeBra is a breast cancer detecting tool, made from a pressure sensitive nanofibre structure, that monitors their breast's condition whenever they wear it.

Anyone can be a victim, but anyone can be saved too. LifeBra. Saving women in the comfort of their bra.



Product Design, App

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Future Lions 2016

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Bea Campomanes
Larica Lim



The Situation

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and the second most common cancer overall. One of every four women with cancer is affected by this disease.

The Challenge

Doctors recommend to check their breast daily, because knowing its early warning signs is vital. So how can we help women be constantly aware of their breast's health condition?


The IDea

The LifeBra turns the bra women wear everyday into a breast cancer detecting tool that tracks their breasts whenever they wear it. The cups contain a microscopically-thin pressure sensitive material that can detect any abnormalities in their breast tissues before the cancer spreads and becomes worse.

LifeBra App Mockup


The bra monitors their breast and sends data to the app. It determines any changes in the breast, providing them with information regarding its findings, which are constantly evaluated by the app.


The app

If it starts to detect some abnormalities, the app sends the user a notification, indicating where it is located. Once tapped, it will provide her with a more detailed information. It then recommends an appointment at her preferred medical clinic or choose from our list of accredited partners.