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WWF Remains

A print ad that aims to promote sustainable seafood through the Fishial app made by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Singapore.



Consumers are unaware which seafood is sustainable and where they can be purchased. World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) needed a print ad that helps them make informed choices through the Fishial app, a one-stop guide to finding ocean-friendly seafood.

In response to a live brief for Student Creative Award for Print, Remains placed in the top three finalist and was displayed at the Shortlisted Gallery during the 2016 Spikes Asia.





Top 3 Finalist at Student Creative Award for Print, Spikes Asia 2016



The Idea

Museums display items, objects, and artifacts that have become significant to mankind's history. If we continue to buy seafood not coming from sustainable resources, fish will soon become a distant memory—exhibited in museums as remains.

Remains Print Ad Mockup
Thought Process of Remains

Thought Process