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Netflix See More

Netflix See More, is an add-on to a user's plan that lets him see more content. All profits made go directly to help foundations that cater the blind.


See More

People consume content more than ever. They often get attached that they want to see more. What if we use this opportunity to provide them with content bonus while helping those who lack the privilege of seeing?

Netflix introduces See More, an add-on feature to a user's plan that gives them and those with impaired vision to see more. All proceeds will go directly to foundations.





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The Challenge

Around 7 million Indonesians suffer from a type of blindness that is curable in most cases. How do we get a share of people's wallet to donate money to foundations that help those with impaired vision?


The Insight

Despite binge-watching a movie or a TV show, we still want to see more of it—may it be bloopers, deleted scenes or any other special features. 

See More by Netflix
Thought Process

The Idea

Introducing Netflix See More, an add-on to your plan that lets you see more content. While you enjoy extra scoops from your beloved movie or favorite show, you also help the blind see more too!


Rolling It Out

Example marketing collaterals to spread the word about the See More project. Sample add-on features are posted and shared on social media to encourage people to take part of it.

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