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SodaStream SweatBands

SweatBands reward attendees a taste of SodaStream by measuring the sweat they release throughout the music festival.



If there's one thing we're looking forward to summer season, definitely it's not the heat. It's music festivals. But with intense jamming comes tons of sweat. So how does Sodastream take this opportunity to provide attendees a refreshing sparkling water?

Introducing SweatBands, your music festival wristband that rewards you based on your sweat.



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The Challenge

When July strikes, often the hottest month in Canada, the air becomes so bulky packed with intense heat that people find themselves dripping in sweat. 


The Opportunity

The Festival d’été de Québec is one of Canada’s biggest summer music festivals. Every year, over one million festivalgoers summon together to see rising talents and international superstars perform. While attendees witness the jams of their favorite artists, they are left sweating under the heat.

How can we take advantage of the perspiration so we can give Canadians a reason to indulge in sparkling water?

SweatBands Mockup
SweatBands Wristband Mockup

The Idea

Let’s double festival wristbands as SodaStream vouchers. Use the hundred thousands of passes sold as a tool to introduce the brand to people right when they need it the most.


How It Works

With intense jamming comes tons of sweat. And we don’t want to put that to waste. By partnering with music festivals, we will turn the regular wristbands into vouchers, rewarding music fans a taste of sparkling water. The sweatier they are, the bigger kind of refreshment they enjoy.


Rolling It Out

We will also ask the invited artists to wear the SweatBand as they perform their songs in front of the audience. They will encourage the fans to sing, jive, dance along with them to receive more incentives. Artists will become the face of the PR stunt, promoting the brand through earned media and news coverage.

Summer Music Festivals - Firefly, Osheaga, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Summerfest

Rolling It Out

We can push the idea forward by partnering with other festivals that best fit our target market. We are then able to spread awareness of the brand, while at the same time highlighting SodaStream as the brand that leverages the fun with exciting refreshment.