Jereek Espiritu is an art director with a knack for thinking up big, bold ideas. He executes concepts with flair and speed, and always in pursuit of works that create great impact.


Astronaut Jereek

[incoming communication]



[establishing connection]


[receiving signal]

Hi, my name's Jereek.

I'm a huge Pixar fan (proof: find my house and car above). 

I like playing FPS games. I'm warning you, I've been accused of using wallhack and aimbot multiple times. So much so I once lost my spot on the national team (not really).

I'm a good dancer, but my friends say otherwise.

One time, I recorded my own voice and hated it. That's when I discovered I could do voice impressions instead.

I can play the piano but cannot read notes. All thanks to YouTube tutorials.

I may be in a different planet right now but that shouldn't stop you from reaching me. I've got more fun stories to tell. Let's talk at jereekespiritu@gmail.com or +63 927 921 8926.


[connection DISCONNECTING]



Work Experience

Freelance Art Director, BBH Asia Pacific
October - December 2017

Freelance Art Director, 1DMG
May - August 2017

Art Director Intern, Dentsu Jayme Syfu
January - April 2017

References are available upon request.